Had No Idea What To Expect

Usually when our wedding anniversary approaches, I spend weeks looking for the perfect gift and my husband gives me chocolates, flowers, or some jewelry he picked up the day before. This year was different because when I woke up that day there were no flowers and no card waiting for me. Instead that there was a note on the kitchen table telling me to throw on a robe and be ready at three o’clock today.

Assuming her was just messing with me, I had no idea what to expect. He picked me up and we went to get a couples thai massage Manchester. Never having had a massage, it was a new experience for us. We both laid on tables next to each other and enjoyed every second of the process. My body felt like it had twenty years earlier, and all my stress from work seemed to just be erased from my mind.

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When the Honey-Do List Doesn’t Get Done

Every day I would make it a point to ask my husband to do a small chore around the house since we both work full time and I need a little help around the house. I started noticing that nothing I asked him to do would ever get done. I thought he was just ignoring me at first when I asked him to do something, but after awhile I began to think that maybe something was wrong.

After a couple weeks of getting no response from my husband and watching the dishes stack up I sat down with him and had a conversation face-to-face with him. We decided he should get his hearing checked. He went to an otologist and was told he might need to wear Stockport hearing aids. Since then, the house has been a lot cleaner and I’ve been a lot happier.

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